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Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto, ON

Most commercial and industrial spaces require some type of commercial air conditioning system to manage climate control. It may primarily serve to provide comfort in a retail environment or office space during hot weather. It could also be for the purpose of server room cooling or protecting industrial equipment for your business. But whatever the reason your facility or business requires cooling systems to operate, at some point you’ll probably need to contact commercial air conditioning repair specialists to fix malfunctions.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is a full-service commercial HVAC company serving Toronto, ON and the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, and our licensed commercial AC repair technicians are ready 24/7 for when you require cooling system repairs immediately. We work with many types of industrial and commercial cooling systems, including chillers and server room cooling. To learn more about our Toronto commercial HVAC services, call our team today! We'll help you with an estimate on AC repairs, or with more information about our services.

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"Thanks to Andy, we have realized considerable savings over our previous contractor, and I look forward to working with Advantage Airtech well into the future.

~ Dale Whitehead

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Prompt Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Is Essential

When is the right time to contact a commercial HVAC contractor for repair work on your facility’s AC? As soon as you notice any issues with it! The longer a commercial cooling system runs with a malfunction, the more energy it will waste and the higher chance of it suffering a complete shutdown, which can be disastrous for operations.

When you know it’s time to have your commercial AC repaired, don’t let a building "handyman" try to tackle the job. This is work you need done fast and correctly. You need technicians familiar with the equipment and who have the best training and tools. You can depend on our commercial repair professionals 24 hours a day. Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. services commercial air conditioning systems including:

No matter your commercial air conditioning repair needs, the professionals at Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. are available to help. Simply give us a call to schedule commercial air conditioning repair in Toronto, ON and the surrounding area.

We Repair Many Types of Commercial Cooling Systems

A contractor who advertises commercial AC repair service may only work with light commercial systems (25 tons and under). Or perhaps they only work on rooftop air conditioning units, the type used for providing comfort but insufficient for industrial needs.

When you contact us for repair service, you’ll have access to licensed technicians who can fix a complete range of cooling equipment, from light commercial to heavy industrial. We offer commercial heat pump repair, and also fix server and computer room cooling systems, industrial chillers, rooftop packaged units, make–up air handlers, and much more. If you already have a maintenance plan with us, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who knows all about the equipment you need serviced, making the work go even faster and smoother.

Experienced Commercial AC Repair Technicians in Toronto, ON

One of our mottos is "We Let You Get Back to Work!" It’s a philosophy that’s important when it comes to repairing commercial air conditioning systems, since even an hour of extra heat when an AC fails can be an operations disaster. Our technicians will arrive and see that you can get back to work, no matter what type of facility you run.

So if you’re looking for commercial heat pump repair to restore comfort to your retail store, or you have an emergency with a broken chiller in your industrial facility, you can rely on Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. to have everything taken care of in Toronto, ON.

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Preventative Maintenance Program Built with you in mind

Our maintenance programs are fully customized to address your building's HVAC requirements. We understand the "one size fits all" approach is not practical and won't provide the benefits a properly designed maintenance program should. Our account managers will work closely with you to develop the right program to put in place for your building's HVAC equipment.

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