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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating Services in Toronto, ON

The term hydronic heating applies primarily to commercial boilers, although it can encompass other heating systems that rely on hot water. The standard commercial hydronic system circulates hot water from a boiler tank to terminal points throughout the building. Heat is then provided to the building space from these points.

Using hydronic heating for a business has some terrific benefits. If you are thinking of using a commercial boiler installation, or you already have a hydronic system and need commercial boiler services, call us today. Our team offers all the hydronic services you may need, and we work with the best brands, such as Teledyne Laars, Camus, NTI, and Viessmann. We take pride in the level of customer service we provide to Toronto, ON and the surrounding areas. It’s our goal to let you get back to work! Call us today to schedule heating services in Toronto, ON and the surrounding area.

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How Commercial Hydronic Heating Works

Although there are some different ways that hydronic heating can work, the most common type is one that runs from a gas fired boiler. Gas jets ignite and, through a heat exchanger, transfer heat into the boiler to heat the water. The heated water then travels through a pipe network to whatever types of terminal points the building has. Hydronic baseboard heaters are now more common than radiators, but in–floor heating is also popular for the even way it distributes heat. The water passes through these heat–emitters, and recirculates to the boiler. Boilers are also used for domestic hot water heating for many commercial buildings.

Benefits of Our Hydronic Heating Installation

Considering the many types of commercial heating systems available, why might you consider contacting us for a commercial hydronic heating system installation? There are a number of excellent advantages of using this method of commercial heating:

  • Even heat distribution: The heating from hydronic systems spreads evenly through a space. There are no hot and cold spots the way there often are with a forced–air system like a furnace or packaged HVAC unit.
  • Energy efficiency: Water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, so a well–installed and maintained hydronic system will help lower your heating bills each month.
  • Better air quality: Forced–air systems tend to blow around dust and various allergens. Hydronic systems send out clean heat that can make a commercial building more pleasant for everyone inside it.
  • Space saving: So, you don’t want to design a new work space where a large chunk of it is taken up by bulky ducts? Then hydronic heating is a fantastic alternative.
  • Quiet: Heating water to use for comfort reduces the amount of noise inside a work space.

We Offer Hydronic Heating Repair and Servicing

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. provides everything you need for the finest hydronic heating services in your industrial facility or commercial building. That includes emergency service and repairs. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Visible leaks. As with any hydronic system, leaking hot water via corroded piping or broken valves is never something to take lightly.
  • Sky–high energy bills. If your bills are suddenly outrageous and you’re not sure what’s going on, it could be a malfunction with your hydronic heating system.

Whatever you need, our team has the experience and the equipment to get the job done—and get it done right, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Preventative Maintenance for Your Hydronic Heating System is Crucial

If you operate a commercial building, you probably already know the benefits of preventative maintenance. Once a system is installed, it’s much more convenient and cost–effective to upkeep, than to put it at risk by ignoring maintenance. Maintenance will often pay for itself throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

We offer customized preventative maintenance programs designed to address the needs of your hydronic heating system. Careful inspections to assess the operational efficiency of your hydronic heating system are performed on a regular basis. We also provide detailed reports of our inspections and advise you of any deficiencies before they become a problem. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your industrial or commercial building remains productive and comfortable throughout the winter with hassle free, peace of mind operation of your hydronic heating system.

Call us today and speak with one of our account managers to get a free quote on a preventative maintenance program for your commercial hydronic heating system and all other HVAC equipment at your building! We have 30 years of history providing high quality HVAC service for companies in Toronto, ON and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. It’s our goal to make you a customer for life.

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Preventative Maintenance Program Built with you in mind

Our maintenance programs are fully customized to address your building's HVAC requirements. We understand the "one size fits all" approach is not practical and won't provide the benefits a properly designed maintenance program should. Our account managers will work closely with you to develop the right program to put in place for your building's HVAC equipment.

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