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Arrange for Personalized HVAC Maintenance

Monday, July 24th, 2017

corssed-wrenchesMaintenance. It’s a standard word everyone knows in the commercial world, and everyone knows it’s important. But not everybody knows how important it is, or that not all maintenance is equal. When you arrange to have regular maintenance for the vital equipment that controls the environment in your commercial building, industrial building, or other facility, do you know exactly what you’re paying for? If it’s a random technician sent from a contractor that doesn’t work closely with you, you’ll probably get a maintenance inspection and check-up that consists of going down a list of items and checking them off one by one, without much regard for the numerous differences between different types of air conditioning, heating, and other environmental systems.

What your business needs is personalized maintenance through a contractor who customizes the service to meet your specific needs and who works closely with you. That’s what you’ll get when you arrange for commercial HVAC maintenance in Toronto, ON with us.

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Understanding Tonnage in Commercial Systems

Monday, July 10th, 2017

covered-commercial-hvac-fansThe language of commercial HVAC often sounds strange to people who aren’t in the field—something that’s true of almost any specialized field. But our commercial HVAC experts take pride in working closely with all our customers. It’s one of the reasons most of our customers stay with us for life. We want you to understand what’s happening with your HVAC equipment and what it all means. That way we can maintain great communication that keeps you in the loop.

One example of commercial HVAC lingo you have heard before is tonnage, as in “How much tonnage does a business need for proper climate control?” This sounds like we’re talking about the weight of an HVAC system, but we’re not. Tonnage refers to the cooling and heating capacity of a rooftop HVAC unit or other heat pump/air conditioning system. Finding the ideal tonnage for a commercial or industrial facility is a key part of the work we do.

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