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5 Common Mistakes Facilities Make With Server Room Cooling

Monday, May 24th, 2021

plugs-in-power-stripAir conditioning for commercial facilities takes many forms: it’s not just about providing comfort to the people inside the building, and in many cases its main purpose is to protect equipment from overheating. 

Server room cooling is the best example of this type of commercial HVAC: any server room requires a special air conditioning and ventilation system to protect the equipment and stop devastating data loss.

Unfortunately, facilities often make mistakes when trying to set up cooling for a server or computer room. The biggest mistake is thinking server rooms don’t need special cooling at all, just a fan in the space. That’s an extreme case. Below are some less extreme mistakes with server room cooling that you’ll want to avoid in your facility: 

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Why Server Room Cooling Is Different Than Other Commercial Cooling

Monday, July 20th, 2020

thermometer-going-redThe job of a commercial air conditioning contractor in Toronto, ON covers many different tasks. A contractor who handles residential air conditioning has a single, straightforward job: provide cooling for a house that keeps its residents comfortable. Commercial cooling is far more complicated, since comfort isn’t the only goal. It’s best to think of commercial air conditioning as general cooling and climate control rather than comfort, since businesses rely on temperature control for different reasons.

One of the essential jobs of commercial HVAC is server room cooling. Most businesses have a server room or computer room of some type; even small offices need to have a server room to store vital computer and telephone equipment. What is the best way to cool down these rooms? It’s not as basic as having a standard air conditioning system blow cooled air into the server room. We’ll go into why server room cooling is different and requires special consideration from licensed commercial HVAC pros.

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Professional Server Room Cooling Is the ONLY Server Room Cooling

Monday, April 27th, 2020

thermometer-going-redFor a business that relies on a server room/computer room as a central hub for operations—and this includes most facilities—proper climate control in this room is essential. The equipment in server rooms generate a large amount of heat in a small space with little air circulation, and the equipment is sensitive to high temperatures. Inadequate cooling for a server room means damaged equipment and potentially devastating data loss.

How do you cool down a server room? The answer isn’t a straightforward HVAC solution that just any technician can provide. You need the best professionals on this job, people who specialize in commercial and industrial HVAC that goes beyond simply providing comfort for people. Quality commercial HVAC is also about protecting equipment and process.

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Commercial Cooling Services You May Not Have Realized You Need

Monday, July 8th, 2019

ice-capsCooling is an important part of most commercial facilities. Maintaining lower temperatures isn’t only useful for comfort control during summer Toronto weather. It’s also vital to have climate control around the year to protect valuable equipment and allow for process. You may not have realized how important some of these cooling services are for your business’ success.

Below are a few cooling services your business may need. If you aren’t sure what HVAC jobs your commercial facility requires, set up an appointment with our experts and we’ll develop a plan. We have more than 30 years of history serving the Greater Toronto Area.

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Keeping a Server Room Cool: What You Should Know

Monday, March 18th, 2019

commercial-building-exteriorThe server rooms and data centers for businesses are vital for a company to run. All the valuable information that helps a company operate each day are contained in these rooms—and this data is more vulnerable to damage than many facility owners may think. The equipment is sensitive to temperature changes, and if the room gets too hot, it can lead to computer slowdowns, downtime, and even loss of precious data.

But keeping a server room cooled isn’t like providing air conditioning to other parts of a facility. It can’t be handled simply by keep a door open or putting a fan inside the space. Here’s a list of some important things to know about cooling the server rooms in your facility.

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Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Cooling This Summer

Monday, July 9th, 2018

fan-blowing-in-faceSummer is already here, and you’re fretting over the energy bills for your commercial facility. You need more power than ever for the cooling system that keeps your building comfortable and/or which provides the proper environment for equipment and process. Rooftop ACs, server room cooling systems, chillers—they put in an immense amount of work through the summer.

But could they be doing even better? We’re almost certain of it. Below is a list of various ways you can upgrade and improve your commercial cooling this summer. Feel free to call us for more details as well as other suggestions we have that are tailored to your commercial needs.

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Hesitant About Replacing Your Commercial AC System?

Monday, June 11th, 2018

commercial-hvac-fans-in-rotationRunning a business of any kind involves making numerous decisions both large and small on a daily basis. Making a choice to upgrade or replace a large part of a facility’s air conditioning system definitely falls in the “large” category: most commercial facilities need cooling of some type in order for them to operate. Cooling can be necessary to protect equipment (such as in vital server room cooling), facilitate process, and provide comfort to employees, clients, tenants, etc. Failure of the air conditioning equipment or ineffective/inefficient performance will have a major negative impact on running your business.

Of course, taking the step to make major changes to older, out-of-date cooling equipment can be expensive, and you may be reluctant to make the change immediately. If you are on the fence about a new commercial air conditioning installation in Toronto, ON, the best step to take is to work with our commercial HVAC professionals. We have more than 30 years of experience assisting local businesses, both commercial and industrial, with proper heating and cooling. From server room cooling to industrial chillers, we can handle all cooling requirements and give you the information you need to make the right choices about your air conditioning equipment.

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IT Room Cooling: The Cooling You Still Need in Winter

Monday, January 8th, 2018

winter-sceneThe winters in Toronto are always tough, and if you run a commercial or industrial facility your main concern during the season is with heating. The HVAC systems that create the environment necessary for your facility to thrive, from delivering comfort for people to protecting equipment from damage, must remain in top shape so your company also remains in top shape.

So it may seem strange to bring up cooling at this time of year, but there is an essential cooling system you still need working at peak effectiveness all through the winter: IT and server room cooling.

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Handling Server Room Cooling for Your Business

Monday, August 7th, 2017

thermometer-going-redThe server room for any business or facility is vital not only for continued day to day operations, but also to protect the future of the enterprise by protecting its data. Proper climate and humidity control in a server room is essential for these functions, and because each server room has unique needs, it requires a specialized and customized approach to provide the proper server room cooling.

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can occur with server room cooling when the job is left to people who lack the training and experience to understand the numerous factors that come into play. This is something we can’t stress enough: no two server rooms are alike. If they are treated as if they are, it can end up in a data loss disaster.

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Never Leave Server Room Cooling to Amateurs!

Monday, May 29th, 2017

frozen-glassAir conditioning in a business is about more than providing a comfortable environment for employees, customers, clients, and tenants. Proper cooling is essential for process and to protect equipment, and this applies to small businesses as well as to large industrial facilities that require chillers to keep machinery from overheating.

There’s one type of commercial cooling the majority of businesses of all sizes have in common: server room cooling. No part of your business’ HVAC system should ever be left to amateurs or building “handymen,” but it is especially important to have skilled professionals manage the installation, maintenance, and any repairs for a server/computer room cooling system.

When you want a commercial HVAC company to handle your needs for server room cooling in Toronto, ON, we’re the experienced contractor to call on. We’ve have 30 years of history serving commercial HVAC needs in the area.

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