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When Is It Best to Repair Rooftop HVAC Units or Replace Them?

Monday, July 18th, 2022

commercial-rooftop-unit-fanThe “repair vs. replace?” question is one of the major ones in the HVAC industry, whether it’s for the air conditioning system in a small house or the array of rooftop units supplying climate control to a larger commercial building. The question is often a pressing one for commercial and industrial HVAC systems because of the expense involved in replacement. Business owners and facility managers want to know the right decision to make when they have failing equipment: continue to have professionals repair them, or have professionals replace them?

We have more than three decades of history working with rooftop HVAC units in Toronto, ON, so we can help answer questions you may have about the future of your vital climate control systems. 

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Refrigerant Leaks in Your Commercial AC Equipment

Monday, July 4th, 2022

commercial-hvac-technician-servicingOne of the common repair issues we often deal with when it comes to commercial air conditioning in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area is refrigerant leaks. This isn’t a problem that only strikes residential equipment! If your facility uses refrigerant-based heat pumps or air conditioners, they can begin to leak refrigerant at almost any point in their service lives. 

Refrigerant leaks require quick action to repair, otherwise the equipment is in danger of a full breakdown due to compressor failure. In this post, we’ve provided a list of ways to detect refrigerant leaks as early as possible so you can alert our technicians. We’ll work to avert greater problems and have your proper cooling restored.

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