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Should You Repair or Replace the Chiller in Your Facility?

Monday, August 21st, 2017

ice-capsThere are many different types of commercial air conditioning systems for Whitby, ON facilities—and our technicians install, repair, replace, and maintain all of them. No matter what type of commercial or industrial facility you opereate, you’ll need mechanical cooling of some type, whether to provide comfort for people indoors (such as with central AC systems) or to protect valuable equipment (such as with server room cooling systems).

One important type of industrial cooling equipment for which we offer repairs and replacements is commercial chillers. Chillers offer cooling for equipment and process using de-superheating of refrigerant. Our technicians work with all the best brands of chillers, including Johnson Control, Trane, Carrier, York, Berg, McQuay, and Daikin. They have the certification necessary to see each job gets done correctly, no matter if the chiller requires only a few repairs or if an older chiller needs to be replaced.

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Handling Server Room Cooling for Your Business

Monday, August 7th, 2017

thermometer-going-redThe server room for any business or facility is vital not only for continued day to day operations, but also to protect the future of the enterprise by protecting its data. Proper climate and humidity control in a server room is essential for these functions, and because each server room has unique needs, it requires a specialized and customized approach to provide the proper server room cooling.

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can occur with server room cooling when the job is left to people who lack the training and experience to understand the numerous factors that come into play. This is something we can’t stress enough: no two server rooms are alike. If they are treated as if they are, it can end up in a data loss disaster.

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