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Should You Repair or Replace the Chiller in Your Facility?

ice-capsThere are many different types of commercial air conditioning systems for Whitby, ON facilities—and our technicians install, repair, replace, and maintain all of them. No matter what type of commercial or industrial facility you opereate, you’ll need mechanical cooling of some type, whether to provide comfort for people indoors (such as with central AC systems) or to protect valuable equipment (such as with server room cooling systems).

One important type of industrial cooling equipment for which we offer repairs and replacements is commercial chillers. Chillers offer cooling for equipment and process using de-superheating of refrigerant. Our technicians work with all the best brands of chillers, including Johnson Control, Trane, Carrier, York, Berg, McQuay, and Daikin. They have the certification necessary to see each job gets done correctly, no matter if the chiller requires only a few repairs or if an older chiller needs to be replaced.

Maintenance Reminder

To start with, we want to remind you of the vital importance of having a maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC equipment. This will help head off potential repair issues and see that heavily used equipment like a chiller has a long service life. We will work close with you to develop a maintenance program that matches your facility instead of going by a generic checklist system the way other contractors do.

Call for Repairs First

Okay, you have a maintenance program in place … but you’re still detecting problems with the chiller, such as rapid cycling on and off or failure to turn on. Don’t think about replacement yet; now is the time to contact our professionals to diagnose what may be the issue. If you have a chiller that’s more than two decades old, a replacement may be the best step, but you never want to make that assumption. Our licensed and experienced commercial cooling experts will find out the source of the trouble. We offer same-day service when it comes to repairs, because we know how valuable your equipment is.

Replacing a Chiller

If we cannot provide repairs for your chiller that we think are economically viable, we’ll inform you that a replacement is the better way to move forward. Chillers are expensive pieces of equipment, so we won’t make a replacement recommendation lightly. Most chillers can last 20 to 25 years, so we’ll likely advise replacing one that’s older than this. Just because a chiller can keep running with a few repairs at this age doesn’t mean it’s worth keeping! The continual drop in energy efficiency will cost you much more in the long run, and there’s also the looming threat of a massive system breakdown that can interrupt process and harm your business.

You can trust that we’ll find the right size chiller with the proper cooling load to meet your needs by doing a correct cooling load profile for the building. Our technicians will see that the replacement chiller performs at high energy efficiency—probably higher than your old system even when it was new.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. provides commercial and industrial HVAC service throughout the Greater Toronto Area: A Double-A name with Triple-A Service!

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