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Why Server Room Cooling Is Different Than Other Commercial Cooling

Monday, July 20th, 2020

thermometer-going-redThe job of a commercial air conditioning contractor in Toronto, ON covers many different tasks. A contractor who handles residential air conditioning has a single, straightforward job: provide cooling for a house that keeps its residents comfortable. Commercial cooling is far more complicated, since comfort isn’t the only goal. It’s best to think of commercial air conditioning as general cooling and climate control rather than comfort, since businesses rely on temperature control for different reasons.

One of the essential jobs of commercial HVAC is server room cooling. Most businesses have a server room or computer room of some type; even small offices need to have a server room to store vital computer and telephone equipment. What is the best way to cool down these rooms? It’s not as basic as having a standard air conditioning system blow cooled air into the server room. We’ll go into why server room cooling is different and requires special consideration from licensed commercial HVAC pros.

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New Commercial Construction? Consider Geothermal HVAC!

Monday, July 6th, 2020

geothermal-loopsWe are a full-service commercial HVAC contractor in the Greater Toronto Area that works with company spaces of all sizes, from small business buildings to extensive industrial facilities. We can help retrofit buildings for the newest in heating and cooling technology, replace standard systems, and work with new construction projects to install the ideal new HVAC system for them.

Today, we’re going to address a topic we want you to consider if you are in the planning stages for a new commercial construction project: using a geothermal system for your heating and cooling requirements. Geothermal continues to grow in popularity as a commercial and residential HVAC solution, but people sometimes feel hesitant about making the leap to using the energy of earth for their commercial buildings.

Below we’ve listed reasons you may wish to put commercial geothermal at the top of your list for a new commercial project:

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