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When to Replace an Industrial Water Heater

Monday, December 21st, 2020

water-heater-commercialIf hot water is a critical part of your commercial or industrial facility, you’ll want to make sure that it receives the best care from qualified professionals. Our team is experienced with working with hydronic systems and all types of commercial and industrial water heaters in Whitby, ON and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We’re available to help with repairs and the regular maintenance necessary to see that your commercial/industrial water heaters run effectively, efficiently, and for as many years as possible.

But how long can you expect your industrial water heater to last before repairs are no longer worthwhile and a replacement is the better option? The answer depends on numerous factors, such as your business and the type of water heater you have. We can give you some basic information on what to expect, but you’ll be glad to have us there to help you make the choice that will work out best for your business.

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Is Infrared Heating Right for Your Industrial Needs?

Monday, December 7th, 2020

thermometer-going-redThere are several different methods to provide heating for process in an industrial facility. People often make the error of conflating industrial heating and heating designed for indoor comfort. The two are different, and the standard methods used to deliver a comfortable indoor climate for employees, clients, and tenants are often not useful for process and protecting equipment.

This is why relying on experienced professionals when it comes to any industrial heater in Ajax, ON is essential: a contractor who only handles commercial HVAC may lack the options necessary for climate control. One example is infrared heating systems.

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