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Some Important Facts About Server Room Cooling


Commercial AC service in Ajax, ON is much more than residential air conditioning on a larger scale. If that were the case, then most residential HVAC technicians could perform the work. But commercial AC—whether installation, repairs, replacements, or maintenance—requires specialized training and tools. One reason is that there is a great range of cooling systems used in commercial and industrial facilities, and not all are designed for the comfort of people in the facility. For example, server room cooling.

Maintaining the proper temperature in a server room is a large task, as well as a vital one for most companies. You need trained professionals to develop server room cooling solutions for your business. Below are some important facts to consider when it comes to this type of commercial AC.

Server rooms generate their own heat

This is one of the reasons that server room cooling systems need to be powerful and separate from the rest of the HVAC system in a building: you can’t just route the standard AC into this area and expect it to work. The heat given off from the equipment in a server room accumulates quickly and will cause damage that can ruin vital data systems. A server room cooling system both lowers the temperature and allows the heat to dissipate to maintain the ideal conditions (usually between 18°–25°C).

Server room cooling systems come in different types

A key part of the job of outfitting a server room with a cooling system is selecting the right type to generate the amount of cooling necessary given the size of the room, equipment density, and the target energy efficiency. CRAH (computer room air handlers) are a common option; others include precision air conditioners and liquid coolers. Our technicians will help find the right unit to meet your facility’s needs.

The hot aisle and the cold aisle arrangement

This is the usual configuration of server racks in a server room (if space allows) because it improves cooling efficiency. In this layout, the racks are set out in alternating rows to direct cold air toward the front of the server racks while hot air gets pushed out the back. 

Proper airflow is essential

The hot aisle/cold aisle configuration is one way to manage airflow in a server room, which is critical for successful cooling. If airflow is blocked, it will lead to damaging hot spots. The server racks must provide enough space around the equipment so airflow can move through and remove heat. 

Server room cooling require monitoring and temperature control

You don’t want to just turn on your server room cooling system and hope it does its job. Temperature sensors placed throughout the room will monitor the temperature differentials and create alerts in case of large swings. Humidity sensors are also necessary in some rooms.

Regular maintenance is required

Just like the rest of a commercial HVAC system, a server room cooling system requires routine maintenance to clean air filters, clean the coils, check the condenser, look for refrigerant leaks, and make checks on airflow. You can make server room cooling maintenance part of your customized maintenance plan with Advantage Airtech.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating. Call us to arrange for server room cooling and other commercial AC services.

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