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4 Common Mistakes That Waste Energy in a Commercial Facility


Running a business is a huge undertaking. You have a lot of tasks to juggle, departments to oversee, and affairs to manage. Among all this work, it’s easy to let something like the HVAC system that heats and cools your facility slip from your mind. As long as it seems to be working, creating the desirable indoor environment for your business needs, then you likely won’t focus on it.

However, lack of attention to your commercial heating and air conditioning can be costing you money. Possibly a lot of money. We’re going to look at four common mistakes that people make in commercial facilities that can lead to HVAC system waste.

1. Neglect regular maintenance

The most important step to take to reduce energy waste with your heating, cooling, and ventilation system is to regularly schedule commercial HVAC maintenance. For example, in spring you should always have commercial AC maintenance in Toronto, ON to ensure your cooling equipment will function with minimal energy waste.

Maintenance also helps prevent breakdowns, unnecessary repairs, and a shortened system life. If you don’t have a maintenance plan in place, we recommend you call us today to get one set up. A maintenance plan will ensure your facility always receives maintenance when it needs it.

2. Not making use of programmable thermostats

Newer commercial buildings will have programmable thermostats in place. However, people often forget to use them and treat them like standard thermostats that they turn up and down as needed, or which they just leave at one setting all the time.

Make the effort to learn how to program the thermostat so you eliminate wasteful operation. Even better, call us to upgrade your HVAC system with smart thermostats and building automation systems that take over the job of cutting energy costs for you.

3. Ignoring repair needs

With a busy schedule, you might shrug off a seemingly small problem with the HVAC system as something that either doesn’t need attention or which you’ll get to “later.” Procrastination does nobody any good in this situation: when a commercial HVAC system is malfunctioning, even if it’s outwardly not affecting its cooling or heating performance, it will begin to drain more power than necessary.

The issue will only worsen over time, raising costs higher and eventually leading to a more catastrophic system failure. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help with those repairs, so you have no reason to wait. 

4. Delaying system replacements and upgrades

Replacing an old HVAC system, such as a rooftop unit, is something that business owners often delay doing because of the expense and time involved. But it will be much more expensive to leave an outdated HVAC unit place, especially one that needs regular repairs. Older systems are major energy drains and they can also contribute to poor indoor air quality in a facility. 

If you have any questions about ways to improve your facility’s energy efficiency or whether you need to upgrade equipment, we’re glad to work with you.

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