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Improving the Efficiency of Your Commercial Cooling


A significant portion of the budget to run any business goes toward powering the HVAC system. During the hot and humid Toronto summers, most commercial facilities will spend enormous amounts on powering their cooling systems. 

The truth is that most commercial businesses spend more on powering their AC systems than they need to. In this post, we’re going to look at ways you can boost the efficiency of your commercial cooling so you save money while still receiving the climate control necessary for your business to continue operating.

Routine maintenance and cleaning

The most basic step to take to make commercial cooling costs less is to schedule professional maintenance for the unit. The tune-ups and cleanings done during maintenance slow down the deterioration of energy efficiency that affects all air conditioning units over time. Rather than see a gradual rise in cooling costs year-over-year, you’ll only see a small increase over a cooling unit’s service life, with most of the decline occurring in the last one or two years. The frequency of maintenance depends on your facility—when you work with us, we’ll devise a customized maintenance program that matches your needs.

Replace older units with high-efficiency ones

There’s no need to keep pushing air conditioning equipment that’s more than 15 years old. At that point, stress will catch up with the unit and all the routine maintenance and targeted commercial AC repair in Toronto, ON won’t change the system’s performance. Upgrading to new equipment, such as units that use inverter motors and multi-stage compressors, will not only lower energy costs, they’ll contribute to more even cooling with fewer temperature fluctuations.

Add a building automation system (BAS)

BAS are the large-scale commercial equivalent of the Wi-Fi smart thermostats often installed in homes. A BAS automates the operation of the HVAC system (as well as other systems such as lights and security) that streamline operation for maximum efficiency. A BAS adapts and learns and removes the problems of human mistakes in finding the best cooling for a space.

Seal air leaks in the building envelope

One of the major sources of energy loss that business owners often don’t notice is gaps in the building envelope that allow heat to enter the building in summer (and the reverse in winter). The way to combat this is to arrange for professional air sealing that will locate gaps in the envelope and seal them. This takes away extra work from any internal cooling system.

Air balancing

An air conditioning system can turn inefficient if it isn’t properly distributing cooled air around a commercial space because of poor air balancing. Many HVAC systems require professional air balancing after several years of service to ensure conditioned air is reaching all the places it should. If you’ve noticed high bills combined with uneven cooling, you may need air balancing.

Humidity control

High humidity, a major issue during Toronto summers, requires air conditioning systems to work harder to overcome the way humidity makes a space feel hotter. Humidity control using whole-buiding dehumidifiers or from repairs to the ventilation system can significantly reduce the effects of moisture in a facility. 

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