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Keeping a Server Room Cool: What You Should Know

commercial-building-exteriorThe server rooms and data centers for businesses are vital for a company to run. All the valuable information that helps a company operate each day are contained in these rooms—and this data is more vulnerable to damage than many facility owners may think. The equipment is sensitive to temperature changes, and if the room gets too hot, it can lead to computer slowdowns, downtime, and even loss of precious data.

But keeping a server room cooled isn’t like providing air conditioning to other parts of a facility. It can’t be handled simply by keep a door open or putting a fan inside the space. Here’s a list of some important things to know about cooling the server rooms in your facility.

Proper Airflow Is Essential

This is something that’s easy to overlook. It’s not just that a room must be kept cool. It must also have space for the air to circulate around equipment to properly control the temperature, and the air coming from the vents connected to the rest of the HVAC system must be sufficient for the space. (The server rooms should have its own dedicated supply and return vents.)

Hot and Cold Aisles

This is a design layout concept professional commercial HVAC technicians use to create a proper movement of heat through the space without creating pockets that are too cold or too hot. The layout of the racks should be in such a way that heat is pushed out into one aisle (the hot aisle), while the cool air is drawn from another aisle (the cold aisle). The hot aisles should be placed so they are near the return air vent that will easily remove this heated air from the space. With the proper layout, the movement of cold and hot air should be pushed in separate directions and allow for proper cooling and air circulation.

Special Server Room Cooling Equipment

Having the server room connected to the ventilation system for the facility won’t always be enough cooling. This is where you’ll really appreciate the service of HVAC professionals. They can measure the space, test the temperatures, and analyze the equipment to determine what extra levels of cooling are required. They can then add in spot cooling equipment to target areas of high heat. They will do all they can to create an energy-efficient solution for server room cooling.

Building Automation Makes Everything Easier

We recommend looking into building automation in Toronto, ON if you don’t already have a system in place. Building automation controls manage all the heating and cooling requirements in the facility so different areas receive the climate control necessary—whether it’s to provide comfort for people in one region or handle the cooling for equipment (like in the server room) in another. Automation can also handle lights, security, and other systems, using intelligent diagnostics to pinpoint issues and prevent potential problems.

We offer the finest server room cooling and the building automation system that can simplify and improve all your commercial HVAC performance.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” name with the Triple “A” Service! Call us for any commercial cooling job.

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