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Common Types of Commercial AC Installations

three-rooftop-ac-units-maintenanceThe task of providing cooling for a commercial facility is complicated. There are many more types of HVAC systems for commercial cooling than for residential. Residential homes favor the simple split system with an outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator with a blower and network of ducts. The wide range of types of businesses with their different needs requires a similar variety of commercial AC systems. 

If you’re currently looking for commercial AC installation in Toronto, ON, the best way to start choosing the HVAC system to provide cooling for your facility is to reach out to us. We’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager who will help you find the right installations to meet the specific requirements of your business space.

Below we’ve listed the most common types of commercial cooling installations.

The Rooftop Packaged Unit

This is the cooling (and heating) system people most closely associate with commercial use. Rooftop units are placed conveniently on the roof so they do not take up space in the work area and remove noisy motors and compressors to where they cannot be heard. Packaged units have all their key components housed in a single cabinet, rather than the split system that divides the condenser, compressor, and exhaust fan from the evaporator and air handler. Both condensation and evaporation occur in the single cabinet and a blower pushes the air down into the building’s ventilation system. Many large facilities use rooftop units.

The Single Split System

For small businesses that only need enough cooling to deliver comfort to people in a limited area, the single split system is a space-saving and cost effective solution. It resembles the split system seen in homes, except the indoor components are all housed in a small wall-mounted unit that blows the cooled air straight into the space rather than through ductwork. This saves space and provides fast cooling. These installations work well for bars, small shops, and open office areas.

The Mini Split System

This is the same type as the single split system, except the outdoor unit connects to multiple indoor wall units placed around a space. This allows for cooling larger spaces without using any ductwork at all. This is a popular and energy-saving option for restaurants and offices where the primary concern of a cooling system is comfort.

The VAV System

VAV stands for variable air volume. These HVAC systems are effective for cooling/heating larger areas. The compressor and the blower fan of a VAV system can modulate how much they work to control air flow and cooling to rooms and maintain more consistent temperatures and better humidity control. They are especially useful for buildings that require varying ventilation loads, and they also offer excellent energy savings because they don’t run at the same capacity all the time. 

The CAV System

CAV stands for constant air volume. These cooling/heating systems are ideal for facilities that require a single consistent temperature for long periods of time, such as factories and manufacturing plants. 

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating! Schedule service in the Greater Toronto Area for commercial/industrial HVAC service from a team with over 30 years of history.

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