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Approaches to Humidity Balance

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We recently discussed the problems of high humidity in buildings. In this post, we wish to talk more in depth about how we take a holistic approach to creating balancing humidity. A key part of this approach is managing humidity levels inside buildings through proper ventilation, air balancing, and dehumidification. As anyone who has gone through a single summer in Toronto knows, high humidity is a major problem—and it easily gets into buildings where it can cause significant damage beyond simply making a space less comfortable.

The standard measure of high humidity is relative humidity that’s greater than 60%. (Relative humidity is a measure of water vapor in the air relative to the temperature of the air, i.e. the percentage of water vapor in the air of the total amount that could be held at the current temperature.) Residential homes usually aim to balance humidity at 45%. But when it comes to commercial and industrial spaces the ideal humidity balance may be different based on equipment and process. This is one of the main reasons to work with professionals to combat humidity in your facility: our experts will know what humidity level is ideal for the space. 

Combating High Humidity

There isn’t a single method to control humidity in a commercial/industrial space. A holistic approach helps by using several interlocked methods to lower high humidity.

  • Air balancing: In facilities with humidity problems, most of the humid air comes in through the make-up air units that draw outside air into the building to prevent negative air pressure. Air balancing is a critical part of ensuring that air circulation through the facility doesn’t allow excess humidity to remain. Proper air balancing prevents stagnant air that allows for mold and mildew to develop from humidity. If you have extremely old HVAC equipment for your facility, it may be the main culprit behind high humidity.
  • Ventilation system improvements and repairs: We provide sheet metal installation in Toronto, ON to help make better ventilation systems. Fixing and replacing ducts not only helps with air balancing, it prevents damaged or leaky ducts from pulling in humid air and throwing off the humidity balance entirely. Our technicians can examine your ductwork and determine what work it needs. 
  • Dehumidifiers: For some buildings, installing actual dehumidifiers into the HVAC system won’t be necessary if air balancing and ventilation improvements can eliminate high humidity. But for facilities that either require extra help with humidity control or that need precision humidity balance, dehumidifiers are one of the best tools. We can integrate dehumidifiers into the ventilation system so they work in tandem with the cooling system and don’t end up creating air that is too dry. 
  • Building controls: For the best in overall humidity control and air balancing, we recommend installing a building automation system that integrates all HVAC systems and keeps them aligned for ideal climate and humidity conditions in your facility. 

Get in touch with us to speak to an account manager about your humidity concerns. We’ll find the holistic long-term solution to any indoor air quality problems in your commercial facility.

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