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Rooftop Packaged Units Need Special Fall Maintenance

three-rooftop-ac-units-maintenanceAt Advantage Airtech, we place emphasis on regular maintenance for commercial and industrial heating systems. It’s not only that we understand how beneficial maintenance is for HVAC systems. It’s that we offer maintenance programs that go beyond what many commercial heating contractors in Toronto, ON offer. A maintenance program should fit a facility exactly, which a basic checklist maintenance program can never do. Each or our clients has a maintenance program developed for their equipment, and only dedicated technicians familiar with the equipment show up to handle the maintenance each fall.

This applies even to heating systems considered “standard” for commercial and industrial facilities, such as the rooftop packaged unit. These heating/cooling systems require special attention.

The Harsh Winter World of the Rooftop Unit

Some facilities have their HVAC systems housed inside their buildings, placed away in closed-off mechanical rooms. The rooftop unit is the more popular option because it puts all the components, including the powerful blower fan, outside of the facility. This reduces noise pollution from the fan and frees up valuable indoor space. Locating the system on the rooftop keeps it away from potential vandalism and allows for simple technician access that keeps work away from the inside of the facility or the grounds around it.

But … there is a cost to this placement. The Toronto winters aren’t kind to any equipment that’s outdoors. Technicians not only have to inspect and tune-up the unit so it works as it should during the winter, they must also ensure the HVAC unit is protected from the elements and ready to handle extreme cold conditions.

It’s vital for a package unit to have clear access to the outdoor air so it can absorb thermal energy and transport it indoors. (No matter how cold it gets outside, there’s still heat energy available, and modern HVAC equipment is efficient at pulling out enough heat to provide warmth to a facility.) One of the first tasks technicians do during heating maintenance is inspect the cabinet and the coils to see that they aren’t blocked or damaged and will remain clear throughout the season. In most cases, the technicians will clean the coils so the unit won’t struggle with removing heat from outside and then exhausting it indoors.

Technicians also clean inlet screens and change the oil for the compressor if necessary. The compressor is the workhorse of a rooftop unit and needs the most attention to see that it doesn’t freeze up or burnout during the season. If the compressor dies, it usually means the entire unit must be replaced.

Professionals Only, Please!

Don’t think of what we listed above as the beginning of a “do-it-yourself” guide. Only licensed professionals who work on commercial/industrial HVAC systems can perform maintenance correctly and safely. This work requires too many specialized tools and advanced training for non-professionals to handle. No matter the size of your business, you must be partnered with an exceptional commercial HVAC contractor if you have any hope of getting your facility’s heating system through another brutal Toronto winter.

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