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The Basics of Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units

commercial-HVAC-units-rooftop-sunnyChances are high that your commercial or industrial facility uses rooftop units in some capacity. Everything from a standard office building to a sheet metal factory has HVAC units housed on the roof to provide for proper environmental controls around the year.

We are experienced professionals when it comes to commercial heating and air conditioning in Whitby, ON, as well as industrial heating and cooling. We know rooftop units of all types and sizes: we’ve installed them, repaired them, maintained them, and replaced them. We’d like to help you get to know the ones serving your facility a bit better.

Why the roof?

Here’s a basic question: why are vital heat pump units almost always housed on the roof of a building? There are a couple of reasons, but it starts back in the early days of commercial and industrial HVAC. Before the development of the suburbs, most commercial and industrial facilities were in crowded downtown areas where there was hardly any space around the building to place the HVAC equipment venting heat and drawing heat in. The solution—put the units on the roof. And they’ve stayed there because of other advantages: prevention of damage and vandalism, easy access for maintenance and repairs without disrupting operations, reduction of indoor noise, easily modular additions, and saving space around the building.

What a rooftop unit does

A rooftop unit is also called a packaged unit. This separates it from the ­split system, which you’re familiar with from homes. A split system is a heat pump or air conditioner that has indoor and outdoor components. One set of coils is indoors and the other outdoors; the air handler is indoors and the compressor outdoors. With a rooftop unit, all these components are stored in one cabinet attached directly into the ventilation system of the building. The fan of the unit draws air out of the building through a duct as well as fresh air, and then depending on the mode the unit is in, it either heats or cools the air by passing it over the two sets of coils. The blower fan then pushes the conditioned air down another duct and into the main ventilation system of the facility.

Service for rooftop units

Rooftop units may be the basic when it comes to commercial heating and cooling, but servicing them is anything but basic. No matter if you’re looking for new rooftop units for your facility, have faulty units that aren’t doing their job, or want to arrange for regular maintenance, always call commercial HVAC specialists. Not only do we not want you endangering yourself by wandering around the rooftop of your building, we don’t want you looking to an inexperienced amateur who may put your company in jeopardy because of rotten job. You can depend on us for all your commercial HVAC needs. When you work with us, we’ll get to know your facility’s equipment so we can provide any necessary service, fast and accurately.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd.—The Double-A name with the Triple-A service in the Greater Toronto Area. Schedule rooftop unit service with us.

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