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Cooling Towers and Chillers Combine for Powerful Cooling

industrial-rooftop-pipesAir conditioning is a word that’s often misunderstood when it comes to the industrial and commercial world. People think of ACs as small systems sending out cool air to provide comfort. But the job of conditioning industrial and commercial spaces often involves systems far different from the air conditioning systems people are used to. For many large facilities, it takes the combined work of chiller and cooling towers to deliver the consistent lower temperatures that make work even possible in the first place.

We’ll look at the partnership of the chiller and the cooling tower in industrial/commercial buildings.

Understanding the Chiller

The chiller is a piece of equipment few people outside of the industrial sphere know much about. A chiller is a type of cooling system that removes heat from liquid, which is then used to supply cooling. Although chillers can be used to provide comfort for large spaces, they are most often used to protect equipment and facilitate process in industrial and commercial facilities, handling important jobs like cooling larger server rooms and food and beverage processing.

There are different types of chillers, such as screw-driven, reciprocating, centrifugal, and absorption chillers. In order for a chiller to provide the cooling power necessary for a space, it must exhaust a larger amount of heat outside. This is where we come to the cooling tower.

The Power of the Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is well-named, since it’s what allows the chiller to lower temperatures. A cooling tower is set on the roof of a building where it exhausts heat into the outdoor air by moving air across a coil with refrigerant. Essentially, it’s a gigantic heat exchanger, and it helps to improve the energy efficiency of a chiller enormously.

How Large a Chiller and Cooling Tower Does My Facility Need?

This is a good question—an essential question. The size and complexity of chillers and cooling towers, as well as how many are needed, varies widely depending on the facility. It’s possible to have a cooling tower and chiller installed separate from the rest of a facility to cool a specific space, such as a larger server room. Your facility may also want to have backup cooling systems in the case of one system failure, or to allow for maintenance and repair work to be done on a set of chillers while others take over the work.

We’re the people who can answer the question for you and help to create a proper layout of chiller and cooling towers for your facility, whatever it is. We can advise you on the installation of failsafe systems and other ways to ensure that process isn’t interrupted, or your equipment damaged. When you work with us, you’ll be assigned an account manager who understands your equipment and how best to service it, both regularly and during emergency repairs.

You can trust to us for your industrial and commercial air conditioning in Oshawa, ON. We have more than 30 years of experience and can deliver fast 24-hour service when you need it.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double-A name company with the Triple-A service to the Greater Toronto Area. Turn to us for cooling towers, chillers, and more.

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