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Custom Sheet Metal for a New Commercial HVAC System


System of ventilating pipes

A typical ventilation system set-up in a commercial or industrial facility consists of pre-fabricated duct sections that are fit together as best they can to serve the space. This allows for fast installation of ductwork during new construction, but it is almost never the ideal way of doing it. The space dictates how the ducts should be laid out, but when the ducts are all pre-fabricated there is little flexibility for putting in ducts in a design that will optimizes airflow, air balance, and conditioned air distribution.

The better route for new duct installation during construction is to have a contractor put in customized sheet metal ducts. Not all commercial and industrial HVAC contractors have the facilities, means, and training to do this job. But we do!

The Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Installation

Most homes can get by with off-the-shelf ducting. Some businesses can as well. But when it comes to a business, “getting by” just isn’t enough. Pieces may be too long or too short, they may be too small or too large—there are many ways that these pre-fabricated ducts can lower the effectiveness of an HVAC system.

No two commercial spaces are alike, and the larger a facility, the more it needs to have parts designed to fit in it. Using pre-fabricated parts may do the expected job of circulating air and transporting conditioned air, but when the ducts are customized for the space, there are enormous benefits:

  • A more energy-efficient HVAC system. Without unnecessary bends and turns, the airflow through the ducts and vents will place less pressure on the heating and air conditioning system.
  • Better air balance. Improper air balance in buildings is a lead cause for uneven cooling and heating, with hot and cold spots appearing around the space. (In addition to making customized ductwork, we are also air balancing specialists.)
  • For buildings that are difficult to condition, customized ducts are often necessary to even get a modicum of the effect needed from an HVAC system.
  • Proper ventilation with custom ducts prevents harmful particles from circulating in an industrial facility.

A Customized Duct Installation Contractor

If you are planning for new construction HVAC installations in Richmond Hill, ON, we’re the contractor for the Greater Toronto Area to call. We have more than 30 years of history doing new commercial and industrial HVAC installation, and we provide customized sheet metal installation for ventilation systems that go far beyond customers’ expectations. Combine this with our superb customer service and the best brands, and we’re your top option for new commercial/industrial HVAC installation work during your construction.

When you arrange with us for customized sheet metal ducts, we’ll carefully examine your building and current construction plans to determine how to create the most efficient ductwork possible. If you’re looking to have replacements done for parts of your ductwork because of air balance issues, we can also do this work. Often, customized duct replacements are the best way to fix problems with uneven heating/cooling or humidity trouble.

Work with the Double “A” name with the Triple “A” service: Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. serves the Greater Toronto Area.

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