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We Are High Rise HVAC Specialists

commercia-HVAC-unit-cloudy-skyOur company deals with many different types of heating and cooling challenges for commercial and industrial buildings. This is a wider field than many people may realize. We aren’t just focused on providing comfort for people in buildings, but arranging for environmental control that protects equipment and process. It’s a major job to be able to handle everything from delivering air conditioning to a retail store to preventing industrial equipment from overheating using powerful chillers, but we’ve been in the commercial/industrial HVAC business for more than 30 years, and we have confidence in our technicians, account managers, and equipment to handle any situation.

Here’s a specific type of HVAC service we offer: high-rise heating and cooling.

High rise buildings have special HVAC considerations

The high rise building has always presented a challenge for heating, cooling, and ventilation from the very beginning of the high-rise boom in the 1920s. Tenants and business owners in high rise buildings don’t expect anything less than the best cooling and heating, and that includes systems that operate quietly and can be customized. But the equipment necessary to send heat and cooling through the many floors of a high rise tend to take up an immense amount of space and can be extremely noisy. Tenants don’t want to sacrifice valuable space to HVAC equipment or ducts. High rise HVAC systems take up a large chunk of power: during summer, around 30% of the energy used in a high rise building goes to powering the air conditioner.

There are some other environmental challenges. The higher up a high rise you go, the lower the outside temperatures and the higher the wind speed—which will affect the indoor temperature, causing heat to escape faster to the outside. Heat also rises, and that means a high rise building will automatically have uneven heating over its height unless specific steps are taken to counter it.

The short version: it’s difficult to evenly heat and cool a high rise building while maximizing space inside. This is why you want skilled high-rise specialists on the job of outfitting your building with its HVAC system.

Methods for high rise heating and cooling

When you work with us, you’ll have the specialized attention necessary to see to the specific needs of your high-rise building. There are a number of different options for delivering heating and cooling to a high rise. The standard packaged units many commercial spaces use, and which are found on older high rises, are no longer popular. The same is true for individual split systems. The four-pipe system is much more common. This system is a central pipe water system that connects to an air-cooled chiller to take care of cooling and a hydronic boiler to take care of heating. There are also central water-cooled systems that use cooling towers and boilers connected to water-source heat pumps in the rooms.

No matter the type of commercial cooling or commercial heating installation in Toronto, ON you’re looking for, make an appointment with us today.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd.: The Double-A Name with Triple-A service! We are commercial, industrial, and high rise HVAC specialists serving the Greater Toronto Area.

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