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Navigating the Difficulties of Commercial Heating Large Space


Large commercial and industrial spaces, such as warehouses and other facilities with high ceilings and large volumes, face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining optimal temperatures. It’s difficult to effectively heat these spaces with standard HVAC equipment without encountering serious efficiency issues and uneven warmth that can create problems for process and lead to damage to stored items. 

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the specific challenges of commercial heating in Toronto, ON for large spaces: large open doors, heat distribution issues, and general layout. We’ll also look at some of the best solutions we have to tackle and overcome these problems.

Open doors (often large ones)

One of the biggest challenges commercial and industrial spaces face is the frequent opening and closing of large doors, such as loading doors in warehouses. This constant loss of heat can significantly affect the efficiency of heating systems. The strategic placement of unit heaters and radiant tube heaters near entrances can help offset the loss of warmth. These heaters, designed to provide localized heat, are invaluable in maintaining the desired indoor climate despite the movement of people and goods through large, open doorways.

Rising heat with high ceilings

Heat, as elusive as it can be, tends to rise, and in spaces with towering ceilings, this presents a major challenge. In large warehouses, the heat generated by conventional heating systems will accumulate near the ceiling, leaving the lower areas too cold. To counteract this, we can install high-efficiency unit heaters in strategic positions at lower levels to help distribute heat more evenly. This ensures that the entire volume of the warehouse benefits from a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Uneven heat distribution

Warehouses and other large facilities often struggle with maintaining consistent warmth throughout a vast space with few barriers—often one that has poor insulation. This can cause temperature fluctuations. Radiant tube heaters, with their ability to emit infrared radiation that heats objects directly, are one effective solution. By targeting specific zones within a warehouse, these heaters provide focused warmth, reducing temperature differences.

Shelving and rack layout

The intricate layout of racks and shelves in warehouses poses another obstacle toward even heating. Traditional heating systems may struggle to penetrate these densely packed areas, resulting in cold spots. Unit heaters with directional airflow capabilities can be strategically positioned to address this challenge. By directing warm air towards racks and shelves, these units effectively overcome obstacles to ensure that every corner of the warehouse benefits from consistent heating.

Customized Approaches for Your Business

We use a customized approach for all our clients, and we have many decades of experience handling commercial and industrial heating needs in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll analyze your facility to find the best methods to overcome issues with heat distribution, the movement of warm air, rising heat, and large open doors—we’re a wise investment for any Toronto business facing the winter. 

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating. Call us for commercial and industrial heating solutions for your facility.

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