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How to Know You Need Commercial Heating Upgrades Before Winter


Any business that has to operate through the intense cold winters of Toronto needs to have dependable commercial heaters. Too much is at stake: failing heating systems will mean an environment that’s hostile for people, equipment, and process.

An essential part of ensuring that the commercial heating for your facility is prepared for the coming season is scheduling maintenance. But you may be in a situation where you need to make upgrades and replace one or more of your heating units. Our team can provide you with the best quality commercial heating installation in Toronto, ON when you need it—and in this post, we’re going to help you identify if you need this service before winter arrives. If you feel uncertain, you can always schedule an assessment to identify areas for upgrading. 

Signs Your Commercial Heating System Needs Upgrades

Inconsistent Heating Performance

A well-installed and maintained commercial heating system will provide even and consistent heating without fluctuations. Even heating is especially important in commercial environments where more than just the comfort of people indoors is at stake. When a heater begins to leave cold spots, takes too long to raise the temperature, or must run longer to achieve its desired effect, it may be time to replace it.

Rising Energy Bills

Take some time to analyze your heating costs during the past several winters so you can compare and detect upward trends. If you cannot account for a rise in energy costs (such as an increase in energy prices or an expansion of your facility), it’s likely that the equipment is reaching the point where regular maintenance is no longer enough to stop its deterioration. An upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment will start saving you money right away and lead to long-term savings.

Frequent Repairs

You shouldn’t need annual repairs for any of the heaters in your facility: that’s already too high a frequency and indicates a system that’s in rapid decline. These repairs are not only costly but they will disrupt operations. Replacing a heating unit that needs regular repairs just to keep it working will provide you with reliable and reduced maintenance expenses.

Outdated Technology

The basic age of your heating units is a good way to gauge when it’s time to upgrade. Commercial heating systems, depending on their type, can last from 10 to 30 years. If you’re not certain of the lifespan expectations of your equipment, consult with our experts. We’ll pinpoint where you have outdated technology and units approaching obsolescence. 

Inadequate Thermostat Control

The thermostats in your facility serve as the command centers for your heating system, regulating temperature and ensuring a comfortable environment for occupants. If you notice slower response times to thermostat changes and temperature fluctuations, the problem might be the thermostat—or it may be from the heating system itself. If you have newer climate controls, there may be an incompatibility issue with older heaters. You may wish to upgrade both your climate controls and your heating system for better efficiency.

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