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You Need Regular Commercial Boiler Cleaning

water-heater-commercialIf your business facility uses a commercial boiler, either hot water or steam, in any capacity, the boiler requires regular maintenance from experienced commercial and industrial HVAC experts. One of the essential tasks for maintaining this equipment is commercial boiler cleaning in Toronto, ON.

Before We Go Any Further … An Important Word on Safety

A commercial boiler is a potentially hazardous device if it is mishandled or tampered with by anyone who is not trained or licensed to do so. Failure to correctly handle a boiler—especially for a vital service like cleaning—can result in injury and damage to property. Please only allow a certified technician familiar with the equipment to provide service for it. We have the experienced commercial and industrial technicians who can ensure work on your boiler is done safely.

Boiler Cleaning Frequency

How often does a commercial boiler need cleaning? As with many parts of the HVAC system in a facility, the answer is “it depends.” During regular boiler maintenance, the boiler may not need to be drained and cleaned each time. Technicians can estimate based on the model and its use when cleaning is necessary. Once a year is a common schedule for cleaning, with maintenance done twice a year. (This may change if the boiler is only used as a winter comfort system, not as part of process.)

What Boiler Cleaning Entails

The main part of boiler cleaning is fully flushing out the tank and cleaning the inside to remove limescale. The maintenance professionals not only clean and flush the tank, but also clean the combustion chamber of soot and other debris. Another part of cleaning is the chimney, the exhaust pipes for burnt natural gas or oil fumes.

Why Boiler Cleaning Is Important

All commercial maintenance has the same goals: to ensure equipment works at peak efficiency and effectiveness, while avoiding excess wear and tear and potential safety hazards. When it comes to boiler cleaning, removing limescale and silt from the tank improves efficiency and helps to prevent the tank from overheating or rust setting in.

Cleaning the combustion chamber and the chimney also ensures effective performance and stops major dangers from exhaust gas backing up into the workspace. Safety is always the top priority, and the inspections involved in cleaning a boiler will find any area where the boiler requires repairs for safe operation.

Hiring Professional Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance is one of the services we are most proud of at Advantage Airtech. We create customized maintenance programs for each of our clients: a dedicated account manager will get to know your facility and its equipment so technicians will always know what maintenance services need to be done when they arrive for their regular inspections and tune-ups.

Signing up for a maintenance program with us is an investment in your business’ long-term success. We have more than 30 years of delivering HVAC services to the Greater Toronto Area because we put the focus on customizing service to all of our clients.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating. Schedule commercial boiler cleaning in the Greater Toronto Area.

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