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Why Consider Rooftop Unit Installation for Your Commercial Heating

commercia-HVAC-unit-cloudy-skyWhen it comes to commercial heating installation in Ajax, ON and the Greater Toronto Area, our team is able to handle any job. Heating is a special challenge here in Toronto because of the long winters and heavy snowfalls. In fact, concern about snowfall is what often makes commercial facility managers feel hesitant about installing rooftop HVAC units to provide heating. The exposure to the elements makes it sound like a rooftop packaged unit is a risk.

But rooftop HVAC units are the most common way to provide climate control for facilities. You only have to look at buildings in Toronto to see all the units installed on the roofs of buildings. Why is the rooftop heating (and air conditioning) installation advantageous, and why do we do so many for our clients?

Rooftop HVAC Are Packaged Units

The first important fact about rooftop HVAC units is they are packaged units, as opposed to split system units. The split system heat pump is the type installed most often for homes. The split part means the components of the unit are divided between inside and outside: one set of coils indoors and one outdoors, for example. With a packaged HVAC system, all the components are in the rooftop unit: both sets of coils, the blower fan and exhaust fan, the compressor. All the cooling and heating work occurs in this unit, and then the fans send it into the ductwork of the building. Many of benefits of rooftop units derive from this setup.

Sound Reduction

Rooftop units remove the noise of the fans and compressor from the inside of the facility. If you’re only familiar with hearing the sound of the AC or heat pump in your house, you probably don’t know how incredible noisy commercial HVAC systems are—and the reason you don’t know this is because they’re stored up on the roof, far from where they can create disruptive noises rattling through the workspaces.

Modular Flexibility

A split system doesn’t leave potential for expansion. If you want more heating power, you’ll have to schedule a full replacement of the current split system with a larger one. But rooftop units are modular—to have more heating (or cooling) power, you only need to add on to the current system without having to make other major adjustments. The flexibility allows the HVAC system to change with the needs of your facility.

Convenient Installation and Maintenance

A packaged unit is a straight-forward installation our technicians can do as a single job, and it doesn’t require we enter your workspace or create any interference with workflow and day to day operations. They are also easier for us to maintain because we can access them from the rooftop—employees, customers, clients, and tenants won’t even know we were there doing the work.

Our technicians have more than three decades working with the weather conditions in Toronto, so you can trust we know how to install packaged units that resist outdoor conditions for many years. You don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of your new heating system installation when you call on us.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating serving the Greater Toronto Area. Speak to us today about heating installation needs for your commercial facility.

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