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Rely on Our Professionals for Commercial Boiler Maintenance

water-heater-commercialOctober is the ideal time to arrange for heating maintenance services for your commercial or industrial facility. The winters in Toronto are intense, and no matter the type of facility you operate, the heating systems necessary for the process, comfort, and the protection of equipment need to work reliably every day through the season.

In our last post, we wrote about the importance of customized commercial and industrial heating maintenance. Today, we’re going to go a bit deeper into the customized part and talk about the care necessary for a commercial boiler. Not all facilities use commercial boilers, and this is why you want to always work with a skilled commercial HVAC contractor with decades of history—we’re used to dealing with boilers on a regular basis, so if you have one, you can trust us for commercial boiler cleaning in Pickering, ON and all other services necessary to keep your commercial boiler running effectively and efficiently.

A Boiler Must-Have Maintenance at Least Once a Year

This isn’t just a recommendation we make. In most jurisdictions, it’s the law that boilers receive annual professional inspections. The service is vital to ensure a boiler remains operating safely—a malfunctioning boiler can present major fire hazards and toxic gas concerns inside a building. Getting a clean bill of health for your commercial boiler is necessary for your facility to remain up to code.

Maintenance Keeps a Boiler Working Efficiently

Cleaning a commercial boiler is one of the most important steps to keep it running at its highest efficiency. Dirt on a boiler will quickly cause a drop in its performance that will require it to expend more energy.

Maintenance Keeps a Boiler Working Longer

Any extra stress put on a boiler system means it wears down faster. You want to get the longest life possible from your boiler system, but a dirty and deteriorating boiler may end up needing to be replaced years early—in fact, it may only last half what it otherwise would.

Boiler Cleaning Is a Specialized—And Customized—Service

If you hear “boiler cleaning” and think about taking out a rag and wiping down the surface … well, that’s not what happens. Not remotely. Cleaning an industrial boiler requires special tools, and it involves cleaning the exterior parts of the boiler and the heat exchanger and also flushing the tank and cleaning the interior as well. Another important part is cleaning the ventilation for a boiler. Because most boilers are powered by natural gas or propane, they must have ventilation and blower fans to remove exhaust fumes safely.

This is a customized job as well. There is a “checklist” in the sense that boilers must meet a series of requirements in order to be up-to-code. But the cleaning still requires special steps unique to each boiler and facility. Technicians must carefully inspect the boiler to determine factors such as improper firing ratios (a common side-effect of dust accumulation) and rising stack temperatures. Our team will perform tests on the boiler to see what issues we need to address with further cleanings and, if necessary, repair work.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating! Call us for industrial and commercial HVAC service in the Greater Toronto Area.

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