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Commercial Hydronic Heating: The Benefits

radiant-heating-tubesThe term hydronic heating encompasses any type of heating system for a facility that uses the circulation of hot water to send heat into a space. The most common type of hydronic heating is a boiler system, although this is not the only way to heat and circulate water to terminal points. 

Although people commonly think of radiators as the method hydronic heaters use to distribute heat, these are rare today—especially for commercial systems. Baseboard heaters are more common, and the preferred method for the installation of new commercial heating in Toronto, ON is with in-floor heating. For new commercial construction, we often recommend our clients consider hydronic floor heating, which is one of the best methods available for providing heat to a large area with reduced energy consumption. Hydronic heating is suitable for numerous types of businesses and facilities, whether to provide comfort for people inside, facilitate process, and/or protect equipment and product.

The Benefits of Commercial Hydronic Heating

What makes hydronic heating so advantageous that more and more facilities are opting for it over more conventional heating methods? Here are a few of the major benefits:

  • Space-saving: Hydronic in-floor heating is one of the most space-efficient HVAC systems around because it’s set down in the floor and takes up no other space in the facility (aside from where the boiler is placed). 
  • Energy-efficient: Although installing in-floor heating is often a more expensive option upfront than using standard forced-air heating, the cost savings can be tremendous. They are around 15–20% less costly to operate because they suffer from less heat loss and they work faster at delivering heat to a space. The larger your facility, the sooner you can expect a hydronic heating system to pay off its installation cost.
  • Better air quality: If reduction in the amount of dust and debris circulated through your facility is important for process as well as the health of employees, a hydronic system can solve the problem. There is no air circulation through any ductwork to shift dust and stir up dust in the building. 
  • Quieter operation: For a quieter facility, hydronic systems are a great choice. They make almost no noise, silently sending waves of heat into a space. What little noise they make is restricted to the boiler unit itself, which is usually far removed from the workspace. 
  • Extended service life: Hydronic systems have fewer moving parts (one of the reasons they can operate so quietly), and this contributes to giving them longer service lives. They simply have fewer parts that wear down and can outlast more mechanical systems. As an added benefit, this means hydronic systems require fewer repair services over their lives.
  • Even heating spread: If you are concerned about cold spots in your facility that can lead to problems, you’ll have fewer worries with a hydronic system—they distribute heat evenly as it rises up from the floor.

To learn more about installing a commercial boiler/hydronic heating system in your building, get in touch with us.

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