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Commercial Ventilation in Early Spring

commercial-lobby-with-vents-ductsProper ventilation for a commercial facility is essential, regardless of the type of facility. Ventilating a space is required to allow for proper humidity balance (which can make or break process for many businesses), healthy conditions for workers and employees, control of mold and mildew issues, mitigation of allergens, and reduction of dust and other contaminants that can cause damage to machinery.

Early spring is a tricky time for ventilation, as the weather begins to shift between warm and cold, and facilities deal with the need for both commercial cooling and commercial heating in Toronto, ON. Indoor air quality in a commercial facility can lower rapidly during spring if the ventilation system isn’t kept in proper shape, the ventilation system is outdated, or the wrong type was installed.

If you believe your facility lacks proper installation to deal with the spring challenges, set up an appointment with us. We will assign an account manager to deal with the specific concerns of your commercial building and how to best ventilate it. We have more than 30 years of experience with commercial and industrial ventilation in the Greater Toronto Area, so we know there are no simple “plug-in” solutions—all ventilation must be customized for the facility.

For Example: The Make-Up Air Unit

Low indoor air quality doesn’t always mean contaminants in the air, either from external pollution or internal sources. This is a big part of it, but proper ventilation for air quality also maintains positive air pressure. As stale air is exhausted outside the building, it must have an intake of fresh air to keep air pressure positive. If it becomes unbalanced, the air pressure becomes negative. This affects equipment, such as gas-fired units and their venting. The low pressure also increases the chances of fires and the danger of carbon monoxide.

Make-up air units are HVAC installations for commercial and industrial buildings that specifically maintain positive air pressure in a facility without causing shifts in temperature that affect energy efficiency. Where a building cannot keep air quality high through filtration and purification systems alone, make-up air units are beneficial.

But how can you tell your facility has negative air pressure and that a make-up air unit will solve it? You call experienced professionals, like ours. The make-up air unit is only one of the ways we can improve and upgrade the ventilation system of a facility to ensure high efficiency, positive air pressure, healthy indoor air quality, and an effectively running facility. Our technicians install engineered air make-up air units, Aaon make-up air units, Trane make-up air units, and more.

Other Solutions

We have numerous ways to improve or redesign your commercial ventilation system this spring. We are experts at all types of commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems, and we customize any service we do to meet customers’ needs, not simply run through a checklist. Call us in early spring to ensure your building has the easiest transition into the warmer weather without seeing a drop in proper ventilation.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” name with the Triple “A” service. Schedule ventilation work with our technicians today.

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