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The Importance of Customized Spring Commercial HVAC Maintenance

service-blue-markerNo one needs to tell you the winters in Toronto are rough. If you’re a business owner, you know the strain the temperatures and other conditions put on your facility over the season. You don’t want this strain extending into the rest of the year, particularly the heat of summer. Much of the HVAC system for a commercial facility runs throughout the year and doesn’t receive a “break” when temperatures warm up. This is why regular spring commercial HVAC maintenance is essential each year.

But “Just Maintenance” Isn’t Enough

There is a huge difference between calling up any local HVAC contractor to arrange for commercial maintenance and joining a full maintenance program with a dedicated and experienced commercial HVAC contractor in Toronto, ON. What you can expect from the standard maintenance:

  • A technician comes to your facility. It’s likely someone who have never met before, and who has no familiarity with the type of facility you run or its equipment. The technician just knows how to “maintain” broad types of commercial equipment.
  • The technician will run down a set checklist to inspect the HVAC equipment. It’s the same checklist used for all the other facilities the technician visits—including a few already done that day.
  • The technician handles a few minor adjustments and cleanings. The basics, and nothing that’s targeted toward your custom needs.
  • The technician bills you, leaves, and if things go wrong, you’ll have to start over again. Most likely you won’t see that same technician again.

Sound awful? Unfortunately, it happens often. Choosing both an HVAC contractor and a maintenance plan can be tricky, since you may run into a dishonest company that makes its money with upfront payments and then skimping on the actual work.

The Customized Commercial HVAC Maintenance Advantage

Useful and effective commercial HVAC maintenance needs to be thorough and done by skilled, experienced professionals. It also needs to be tailored to a commercial facility—its equipment, its process, its employees, its overall needs. No checklist can possibly meet the genuine demands of a business, at least not effectively.

We offer the planning and customization necessary for the best commercial HVAC maintenance. We understand how critical this job is: an enterprise’s success can rest on having the heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment working in peak condition with minimal work interruptions and maximum energy efficiency.

When you call Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. to set up a maintenance plan, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager. Someone who will work closely with you to set up the plan, and someone you can depend on to stick with you so you receive work from people who know your business and its equipment. We know that “one size fits all” never applies to commercial buildings, and we’ll work closely with you to build not only the customized maintenance you need in spring (and all other seasons) but also to build a relationship of trust with you.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote on preventive maintenance for your building.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” service. Call us to speak to an account manager and set up your commercial maintenance plan.

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