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December Isn’t Too Late for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

winter-sceneThe official start of winter doesn’t arrive until later in the month—but the Toronto winter never obey specific dates. But by the last month of the year, the cold weather has already settled in, with below-freezing temperatures as the norm.

So … if you didn’t get around to maintenance for the HVAC systems in your commercial facility when it was warmer during fall, is it just too late to have it done?

No! In fact, you should be calling us right now to arrange for your maintenance.

The Toil of the Season Is Too Much

Regardless of what type of facility you operate, winter is a period when the heating equipment is put under immense stress. That’s the nature of a winter in the Greater Toronto Area.

For example, let’s say you run a basic office. The heating equipment, which is probably rooftop units, is only taking care of the comfort of employees and customers/clients. The rooftop unit will probably have to run every day for hours at a time just to do this job, and the unit will also deal with the weather conditions. Having the unit tuned-up and cleaned, and its parts checked, is essential no matter how late it’s done so the unit can get through the season without trouble. If it fails or underperforms, it means lost business for you.

The situation is more serious if you run a facility where the heating system is required to maintain an environment that protects equipment and allows it to work as it should. Losing the devices and machinery that lets your business work can be catastrophic, not just in lost work but in lost machines.

Maintenance is always necessary for the winters. If you get to it late, the HVAC system may have already picked up additional strain or started to suffer from trouble. Technicians can attend to any of these issues along with the maintenance. But you’ll be glad you got the job done, even if it was later than normal.

Our Maintenance Programs Make Sure You Don’t Forget

You missed maintenance in the earlier fall, but you got it done. Now, make a point about always staying current and scheduling the maintenance in the earlier fall so you’ll have the equipment in great shape before the first crisp and cold day arrives. Actually, let us make a point of staying current with it—because when you sign up for one of our maintenance plans for Toronto, ON, it’s our job to call you each year and remind you that you’re due for service.

You see, we don’t handle maintenance the way the majority of commercial and industrial HVAC contractors do. When you enroll in a program with us, you’ll have an account manager—a point of contact. Someone who cares about your business and makes it their priority to see you receive the work necessary annually. Your account manager will be in touch when the time comes during the year (usually twice a year, but some facilities need more frequent appointments) to inspect, tune-up, clean, and adjust the vital environmental equipment you depend on.

Call us for commercial and industrial HVAC service in the Greater Toronto Area. Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Service!

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