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Industrial AC Maintenance: Customized Is the Only Way to Go

checkmark-greenMarch is the time of the year when we recommend our customers schedule their regular HVAC maintenance to prepare for the change in weather to spring and then to summer conditions. Depending on how much you use your industrial air conditioning in Markham, ON, you may require more than one maintenance visit during this time. 

If you aren’t sure about how often your facility needs to have its cooling equipment serviced and inspected by professionals, that’s what we’re here for. Call our offices to sign up for a maintenance program, and we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who will help you determine the specific needs of your facility and how often the cooling equipment requires attention.

No checklist can handle industrial AC maintenance

If you look over the maintenance programs that many local commercial and industrial HVAC contractors offer, you’ll see how often they mention they have a “30-point maintenance checklist.” The number varies, and in fact it doesn’t matter at all. These checklists break apart or combine tasks so the contractor can arrive at what sounds like a thorough number that will make customers believe they’re getting the most complete inspections and tune-ups possible.

Many of these contractors do excellent work for their clients, but we want to stress that great maintenance service has nothing to do with having a checklist. In fact, we don’t believe in the idea of a checklist, because it suggests all industrial cooling equipment for a facility is similar and a template can provide an overview for technicians. This isn’t true, of course. You can name numerous ways your industrial facility is different from another facility in a different industry.

For example: the cooling system for an industrial facility may work primarily to cool down equipment, to make process easier, or to provide comfort for employees. It could be all three, at different levels. Each of these jobs of the air conditioning equipment has its own requirements when it comes to maintenance, its own level of regular strain. Checklists simply can’t cover all this: the job takes technicians who know the equipment and its role in the facility. 

Dedicated managers and technicians make the difference

When you sign up for a maintenance program with Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd., you aren’t signing up for a set program. You’re signing up for a customized, personalized program. Instead of checklists, you’ll have an account manager who works with you to develop a program customized to your facility. The managers will send technicians to your facility for regular air conditioning maintenance on the schedule they set with you. You won’t see different technicians show up each time: the people we send are dedicated to your account, the same as the manager. They know your equipment and what must be done to make it work reliably and energy-efficiently throughout the year. 

Leave the checklists aside and trust a contractor who wants to know your HVAC equipment better than you do!

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating! Schedule an appointment today for your industrial HVAC needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Our maintenance programs are fully customized to address your building's HVAC requirements. We understand the "one size fits all" approach is not practical and won't provide the benefits a properly designed maintenance program should. Our account managers will work closely with you to develop the right program to put in place for your building's HVAC equipment.

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