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The Best Reasons to Choose a Local Commercial HVAC Contractor

service-checkmarkWhen you own and operate a business that relies on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning on a daily basis, it’s vital you have a relationship with a commercial HVAC contractor. You can’t depend on amateurs to handle your regular maintenance service or to come to your rescue when you have a problem like a failed server room cooling system or a complete loss of warm air circulation during the winter. Even simple residential HVAC systems must have a licensed professional to take care of them—and commercial systems are far more complex and intricate.

But not all commercial HVAC contractors in North York, ON offer the same level of service. There are many large contractors who serve the area but aren’t actually local. When you need assistance or to schedule service like installations, these companies will send the work out to whatever contractor in your area is available, sometimes from hundreds of kilometers away. But you can choose to work with a real local contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, like Advantage Airtech. Here’s why going local is your best option.

Faster response

Just because a commercial HVAC company is large and serves multiple provinces doesn’t mean it can deliver a rapid response to your company’s needs. As we mentioned above, many of these national and international companies contract the work out to whomever they can get. This adds an extra step and a middleman to the process. Rather than get on the phone immediately with a team that can help out, you’ll be routed to a call center and then wait for the contractor to call you back.

Personal response

When you finally receive a call from a contractor, you probably won’t be talking to a commercial HVAC expert who knows anything about your company. They are just whomever the larger company could find available at the moment. No matter how skilled the contractor is, no matter what type of equipment they have, they won’t be able to provide you with the personal and customized service you’ll get from working with a local contractor from the start—one who already knows your business and your HVAC equipment.

A better business relationship

Part of running a business is developing excellent business relationships with customers, clients, retailers, vendors, partners, etc. Forming a business partnership with an HVAC contractor in your area smooths out the process of handling all types of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services. If anything goes wrong with your service, it’s far easier to have it resolved if you have a good relationship with the local contractor. And local contractors appreciate your business! An impersonal company located a few hundred kilometers away doesn’t have that kind of investment.

We have a long history providing commercial and industrial HVAC service to Toronto—and we prioritize developing excellent relationships with our clients. We’ll assign a dedicated account manager to work with you so that you’ll also receive customized and personalized service.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” name with the Triple “A” service. Call us for all your commercial HVAC needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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