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The Benefits of Hydronic Heating for Industrial Facilities

radiant-heating-tubesHydronic heating is any type of heating done through the circulation of heated liquid. It is sometimes called radiant heating, although in industrial use radiant heating can also refer to other types of heating systems that use hot surfaces. A hydronic system heats liquid and then pipes it to terminal points, where it raises the temperature of an object, such as floorboards, radiators, or baseboard heaters. The heat radiates off the object into the room, raising the temperature of any object the heat touches without raising the temperature of the air between.

Hydronic heating can be found in many types of buildings, and they are becoming popular for many industrial applications. If you are planning on a heating installation for your industrial facility, you may wish to consider using a hydronic system for a number of reasons:

Hydronic heating offers the cleanest, contaminant-free air

Industrial facilities benefit from keeping as many pollutants out of the air as possible to prevent interference with process. Hydronic heating is excellent for keeping down airborne contaminants because it does not use forced-air circulation that can blow around dust, dirt, and other particles. Heat radiating from the floor or other objects introduces no contaminants to a space.

Hydronic heating can save floor space

One of the most popular types of hydronic systems are the in-floor systems. These heaters send heated water or alternative heating liquids through pipes in a subfloor under the floor of a facility. The floor warms up and radiates heat upwards. There are many advantages to this type of system, but one of the biggest for an industrial facility is that it essentially takes up no valuable floor space. You don’t need multiple heating points or vents to supply the even heating you need.

Hydronic heating offers finer control and heat distribution

You want as much fine control over conditions in your industrial facility as possible. Heat from a forced-air heating system, such as a furnace or a rooftop unit, often leaves parts of an area colder than others and requires too much time to evenly spread the heat. This isn’t an issue for hydronic systems: the heat spread is fast and even.

Hydronic heating is highly energy efficient

Water and the other liquids used in hydronic heating are better at heat transfer than air. This makes hydronic systems incredibly energy efficient. The difference in cost can be remarkable compared to using furnaces or industrial heat pumps.

We are experts in all types of industrial heaters for North York, ON and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. No matter what type of heating system you use for your industrial facility—or what kind of heater you are planning to use for a new facility—you can rely on our years of experience. We’ll not only install your new equipment, we’ll set up a customized maintenance program that will keep the equipment performing at the level you need from it each day.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double-A company with the Triple-A service. We’ve served the Greater Toronto Area since 1987.

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