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Hydronic Commercial Heating: Some Major Benefits

radiant-heating-tubesThe way you use commercial heating in Ajax, ON for your business depends largely on the type of facility you operate and the job of the heating system. You may need heating primarily to provide comfortable conditions for employees and customers (such as in a retail store). Or you may need it to protect equipment and process. Or both. The best way to find the right heating solutions for your specific commercial needs is to work with commercial HVAC pros. Our team has more than thirty years of helping commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes and types in the Greater Toronto Area, and we know we can find the right heating for your requirements.

In this post, we’re going to specifically look at how hydronic heating can benefit your business. It may not be the sole answer, but if you haven’t considered hydronic heating systems, here are some good reasons to look into them.

ONE: High energy efficiency

Hydronic heating, as its name implies, uses water to transfer heat into an area. This can be through a boiler and radiators, or through floor-heating elements—there’s a great variety of configurations. But all of them share the benefit of using heated water, which is a highly efficient way to transfer heat compared to using heated air. You can heat a larger space faster and at lower cost with the right hydronic system.

TWO: Low levels of particulates in the air

For many commercial and industrial facilities, the presence of dust and other particles in the air can cause damage to process (along with making the air less healthy to breathe). Forced-air heating systems tend to move these particles around rooms, and ductwork serves as a reservoir for them. Hydronic heating is clean heating without the movement of particulates. If your facility needs the cleanest air possible, hydronic heating is an excellent tool.

THREE: Precision control of temperatures

Uneven heating is a common problem that forced-air systems create: the heat from the air blown into a space travels slowly through it, often leaving cold spots. Hydronic heating is radiant heat, which spreads out evenly through a space. This not only means more even heating, it allows for precise control over heating—you’ll know the temperatures you set are the temperatures you’ll get.

FOUR: Equipment longevity

Hydronic systems contain fewer moving mechanical parts than most forced-air systems, particularly rooftop units. This means the equipment will last longer while experiencing fewer repair issues and downtime.

FIVE: Low noise levels

If you have concerns about noise pollution in your facility, hydronic systems can help. They operate at far lower sound levels than standard forced-air systems. 

SIX: Space-saving

Using in-floor heating hydronic heating systems is an excellent way to free up floor space for a facility. The heating elements are located in a subfloor and don’t require taking up room inside the work space itself. This can be hugely beneficial for industrial facilities.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating. Call us today to speak to an account manager and find the best heating solutions for your business.

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