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Regular Commercial Boiler Service Is a Must for Your Business

The boiler is one of the oldest types of heating systems still in use in homes and businesses. Heating water and distributing it through a building provided central heating long before the creation of ventilation systems.

If your commercial facility has one or more boiler systems, these units probably serve multiple functions—something that sets them apart from residential boilers, which are only designed to provide comfort to people in a house. Your facility’s boilers may be part of process and manufacturing. Your business can’t continue to run, no matter the season, if these boilers malfunction or fail. Only seasoned, trained, and licensed commercial HVAC experts can handle the routine maintenance service to protect your investment in boilers and the operation for your facility.

Commercial Boilers Are Complex and Varied

It’s vital to rely on commercial and industrial HVAC experts for any commercial boiler service in Toronto, ON. As we mentioned above, these aren’t like the standard hot water tank boiler in a home. Commercial facilities can have different types of boilers for a range of functions:

  • Watertube Boilers: These are similar to residential boilers, although they produce steam rather than hot water. Watertube boilers are the ones most often used to provide comfort to a space.
  • Firetube Boilers: In this boiler, hot gases pass through tubes that run through a sealed container of water. This is the type of boiler people usually associate with steam locomotives. They have a range of industrial and commercial uses, primarily for the production of hot water and high-pressure steam.
  • Condensing Boilers: High-efficiency gas boilers which use multiple heat exchangers to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Electric Boilers: These boilers don’t require any exhaust systems since they do not use combustion. They run quietly and take up little space.

You cannot expect an inexperienced technician to be capable of servicing all these types of commercial boilers, their different sizes, and many applications.

Why Regular Boiler Service Is Critical

Maintenance is a must, and here’s why:

  • Safety: The power of commercial boilers is immense, most use natural gas, and they contain water or steam at high pressures. Unless a boiler is routinely inspected, cleaned, adjusted, and all safety systems checked, it can turn into a potentially lethal work hazard.
  • Code Compliance: Having regular maintenance service from a licensed professional is necessary to ensure your business won’t be shut down during a compliance inspection.
  • Energy Savings: Running boilers consumes a large amount of the energy you pay for. Even small issues in a boiler can cause those bills to rise. Maintenance provides a “tune-up” to make sure boilers work at peak efficiency.
  • Repair Prevention: More than 80% of the repairs you may need to schedule for a commercial boiler can be prevented thanks to regular professional service.
  • Longevity: A boiler with regular maintenance often lasts twice as long as one without.

How often your boilers require our professional maintenance service is something you will work out with your dedicated account manager. We always fit maintenance programs to our clients rather than shoehorn a business into a pre-set checklist.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” name with Triple “A” service. Schedule commercial boiler maintenance or other services with us in the Greater Toronto Area.

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