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Upgrading Industrial Heating Systems

Industrial-ventilation-systemResidential homes have standard maintenance program calendars: maintenance for the air conditioner in spring and for the heater in fall. It’s not so cut-and-dried for industrial facilities where cooling and heating systems often work year-round and handle more jobs than simply providing indoor comfort for customers and employees. The heating systems in an industrial facility serve numerous functions and must operate during all seasons, making their regular maintenance essential in periods when everyone else is scheduling service for their air conditioning systems.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Industrial Heaters?

Industrial heaters in Oshawa, ON consume enormous amounts of power, and if they become inefficient, the impact on the bottom line of a company can be staggering. As we enter the change in seasons, we strongly recommend you have inspections on your current heaters (such as blast furnaces, unit heaters, infrared radiant heating systems, and hydronic boilers) to see if they need upgrades and/replacements. For example, making an upgrade to a flameless combustion system, which recirculates exhaust gas. Industrial heating technology is advancing rapidly, and there are many ways we can improve your facility’s performance and energy savings with replacements. 

But you can’t know what you need until you ask professionals for an assessment. This is again why having a customized maintenance program is so vital for success, and why we only offer customized plans to our clients. Checklists will not get the job done! Our maintenance technicians are there to analyze your equipment and offer advice about ways to upgrade based on their knowledge of your facility. Because you’ll have a dedicated account manager, the technicians who work with you will be familiar with your HVAC equipment and its role in day-to-day operations. 

Feel free to ask us about the latest in industrial heating (such as the flameless combustion systems mentioned above). We believe in educating our clients and keeping them in the loop.

Industrial Heater Replacements

No single industrial heater wears out at the same speed as another. Deciding when to replace one of the boilers, unit heaters, furnaces, or rooftop units in your industrial facility requires special knowledge of the system and how often it works. Our technicians can provide you this information so you can make the best decision about when to have older units replaced. We’ll always give you a range of options of the newest in industrial heating technology—we won’t push you to install equipment that won’t do the exact job you need from it and which won’t offer a long-term benefit to your company.  

We’re the Contractor to Trust in GTO

We have served the Greater Toronto Area with exceptional commercial and industrial HVAC service since 1987. Our success is based on our core principles to provide every customer with reliable and fast service, providing honest advice, and always aiming to be the best commercial/HVAC service provider in the area. We aim to make you a customer for life, and we’ll work hard to forge that long-term relationship. 

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating. Schedule industrial HVAC service with us in the Greater Toronto Area.

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