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Proper Commercial Ventilation Is Critical for Indoor Air Quality

commercial-ventWe offer numerous commercial HVAC services in Richmond Hill, ON and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. When people think of commercial HVAC, they usually focus on the “H” and “AC” parts, heating and air conditioning. It’s true that a huge part of what we do is helping commercial and industrial facilities maintain proper indoor temperature control, both for comfort and to facilitate process and protect equipment.

But let’s focus for the moment on the “V” part, ventilation. A vital service we offer for commercial and industrial companies is commercial indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is about the air customers and employees breathe, the dust contamination that can damage machinery, and the shifts in humidity that can affect both people and equipment. Better indoor air quality is essential for most facilities, and there are many methods we use to improve IAQ, such as powerful air filters, electronic air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers.

That “V” is critical. A facility without proper ventilation will end up with poor indoor air quality no matter what. Depending on the building or facility, it can even lead to a dangerous work environment.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Go Together

Any building, and this includes homes, accumulates pollutants from indoor sources: paint, construction material, lacquer finishes, cosmetics, pesticides, etc. A basic office environment adds more pollutants from office products. With industrial and larger commercial facilities, dangerous gases will build up. Because buildings are tightly sealed against the outside air to prevent heat loss and heat gain, these pollutants have no place to escape. This leads to a situation where, most of the time, the air inside a building is worse than the air outside, which is the opposite of what most people think happen. The situation is more serious if there are people or objects in the spaces that can be easily affected by pollutants. For example, employees who have allergies or asthma.

Proper ventilation systems handle air exchange: the removal of the stale, pollutant-filled air, and its replacement with fresh outdoor air. This can be done so that the indoor temperature isn’t adversely affected: this is an important part of the ventilation work that we do. This proper air circulation also helps to control humidity.

Does your commercial ventilation system require attention?

If air quality is becoming a problem in your facility, leading to an unhealthy, unpleasant, or difficult environment, you need to have professionals deal with it. When you work with us for your commercial HVAC needs, we’ll take a full system approach, evaluating your facility’s needs not only for heating and cooling, but also for ventilation and anything else that will affect indoor air quality. It isn’t just about air filters for us; we’ll provide air balancing and energy and heat recovery ventilators to allow air replacements without placing more stress on either the heating or cooling system.

We also work with make-up air units that provide filtered air while maintaining positive air pressure. Positive air pressure is another part of indoor air quality that allows important appliances to operate, such as any that rely on gas-firing.

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. has proudly served the Greater Toronto Area since 1987. We have 24-hour emergency service available.

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