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5 Reasons to Have Customized Ductwork for Your Facility

commercial-ventMost commercial and industrial facilities need ductwork for basic operation of their HVAC systems. Whether it’s for ventilation of fumes, proper circulation of fresh air, or the distribution of cooling and heating, these ducts handle a great deal of work. 

Many duct systems are created from pre-manufactured pieces—off-the-shelf parts—which is a less expensive option than having professionals custom fabricate sheet metal ducts. But the small savings from standard ductwork isn’t worth much in the long run, especially when a facility’s ventilation system is expected to work for 10 to 15 years. Customized ductwork offers several major advantages. Here are five of the best reasons to either install customized ductwork or have it replace your existing pre-fabricated ductwork.

#1. Improved HVAC Efficiency

Off-the-shelf duct parts can create a workable ventilation system, but they will have inefficiencies, such as too many bends or a poor fit into unusually shaped parts of the facility. This creates a less efficient HVAC system and adds up to energy waste. Customized ductwork creates a seamless path for air through a facility with the least resistance and the low energy loss. 

#2. Extend HVAC Equipment Service Life

Ductwork puts strain on HVAC equipment: it places some level of resistance against the blower. This happens even with the best ductwork—but standard ductwork can make it far worse. When you have customized ductwork in your facility, the HVAC equipment will not have to work as hard, and this will help valuable equipment like cooling and heating systems to last for longer. 

#3. Better Air Quality

When ducts are designed with a facility’s purpose in mind, it allows for improved ventilation. This will have a positive impact on air quality in the facility, helping to create balanced air pressure and make it easier to control humidity. Proper flow is especially helpful for facilities that need to vent smoke, grease, and other harmful gasses. Customized ducts ensure the best venting. 

#4. More Space

Trying to fit pre-fabricated parts into a space means space will go to waste. Facilities with unusual layouts can have a particularly difficult time finding ductwork that won’t become awkward space-hogs. Customized ductwork fits cleanly to any space because it’s made for that space—and it leaves a lot more space around it!

#5. We’ll Have an Easier Time Servicing Your HVAC Equipment

Poor and inefficient ductwork will create greater maintenance demands on the HVAC equipment, so customized ducts will make maintenance easier. Even better, if we handle both your customized ductwork installation and your maintenance through a personalized plan, we’ll know your equipment down to the smallest details. Unlike many other contractors, when we perform maintenance we always send a dedicated team familiar with your facility to handle the work.

We offer customized sheet metal installation in Toronto, ON to create the ideal ductwork and ventilation system for any type and size of facility, from small offices to extensive industrial plants. 

Advantage Airtech Commercial Ltd. is the Double “A” Name with the Triple “A” Rating. Speak to us today about installing customized sheet metal ductwork for your commercial or industrial facility.

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